Vivai Gieffe
& Vivai Leonardo

Vivai Gieffe produces ornamental plants in container in Pistoia, Tuscany.

About Us

The Vivai Gieffe company was born more than 20 years ago with the reproduction of young ornamental plants and over the years has specialized in the cultivation in 3, 5, 10 and 18 liter pots. Vivai Leonardo has recently joined Vivai Gieffe as a sister company and together they produce about 500,000 plants every year.

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Foto del team di vivai Gieffe

Our metod

All production is carried out within our nursery by specialized personnel with competence and professionalism. State-of-the-art equipment and techniques are used which allow us to reduce production costs to a minimum, while keeping the homogeneity and quality of the plants high.


In repotting, a scrupulous choice of substrates is made for the specific needs of each type of plant, reducing the use of peat with the integration of recycled natural products, such as coconut and wood chips. We have also patented a type of pot according to our specifications which allows for optimal growth of the plant. Pruning is mostly done manually in order to better control the growth of each individual plant. This allows, especially in conifers, to make a careful selection of the branches and ensure optimal development.


The plants are constantly monitored by specialized agronomists and, depending on the species and the periods, specific phytosanitary treatments are carried out, integrated as much as possible with organic products. The treatments are carried out with cutting-edge machinery that optimize the distribution of the product and reduce its dispersion and consumption. Our companies work in full compliance with environmental standards, because the environment is a common good and we are the first to live in it every day.

Passione, esperienza e spirito di squadra sono i nostri punti di forza

che ci consentono di fornire ai nostri clienti numeri e qualità alla vendita sempre e solo di piante di nostra produzione.


Our Products

Investimenti per l'ambiente

PSR 2014-2020 – Regione Toscana Bando 4.1.4 “Gestione della risorsa idrica per scopi irrigui da parte di aziende agricole” – anno 2018

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